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  • Posted On 09/04/2012bymaya cat

    As a working mother of 2 girls, my day is always hectic and on the go!  Yet, my priority is to provide them with healthy and fresh meals from the early breakfast before they go to school to snacks, dinner and of course lunch boxes.  I focus our family meals in simple and natural ingredients to make tasty foods.  A combination of fresh herbs, onions, garlic peppers, fruits make mouth watery flavors. Recipes have to be short, simple and easy to follow.  Having a meal plan helps as well by preparing few items ahead of time, invite family members to take part in meal preparation to make it fun.

    I love watching re-runs of Leave it To Beaver and watch June Clever always so proper and well dressed preparing dinner and making sure they all sit at the table for dinner.  Well, I always try to implement this great habit but in this crazy fast pace times it is not easy. I usually invite my daughters to set and decorate the table, or assign them the task of preparing the salad while I focus on the main meal.   Our meals are easy to make, healthy, focusing on fish, grains , lots of vegetables, salads and fruit for dessert. By sitting at the table we eat better, we control our weight and feel more satisfied and less likely to snack before bed time.

    How about inviting your family to take part in meal preparation and sitting all together at the table for dinner tonight?


    Posted On 09/04/2012 by maya cat

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