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  • Posted On 03/08/2014bymaya cat

    Do you sometimes dread cooking dinner after a long day at work?  Do you sometimes pick up fast food on your way home because it is simply easier than preparing your own home made meal? As a major chunk of the day goes off for work, it’s common to lack enthusiasm or energy to cook a full healthy meal at night.

    C&G Catering offers a great meal delivery service to Broward and Palm Beach County that is not only convenient, but also affordable.  The ‘dinner to go’ service will not only save a lot of time for the people who are always on the move or have tight official schedules, but also it will allow you to eat healthy-balanced meals every time.   Outsourcing food from a reliable local company like C&G Catering is a highly viable option for anyone.

    There may be a few busy families who do not have the time to cook their daily meals.  For such people too, who wish to eat healthy and fresh nutritious food, we can deliver 3 days’ worth of dinners once or twice a week.  Isn’t this great luxury?  You may assume a meal delivery program would be very expensive, but it is not the case. Unlike other local Florida meal delivery companies, we won’t break your bank.  Yes, without burning a hole in your pocket, our catering company will deliver our lip smacking meals to your door. It is all highly nutritious food in the form of lean proteins, healthy fats and low glycemic carbs and vegetables.

    All you have to do is to select the menu for a minimum of three meals in a week.  It is indeed true that the technological advancements have revolutionized the way we carry out things in our lives, and carry out things associated with our jobs.  But, this also extends to the stage that people who lack time or who lack interest in cooking can just order their meal delivery with the click of a mouse.  What could we call this?  An epitome of luxury or perhaps heights of luxury that one could have ever envisaged!!  Those would be fancy terms to describe it, but it all boils down to simplifying our lives without sacrificing quality.

    With headquarters at Pompano Beach, C & G Catering has identified Boca Raton as its prime focal point to promote its services and it is extending its services in the Broward and Palm Beach County.  With great stress on stirring out healthy food, the company has carved a niche for itself in dinners delivery for they are very prompt and reliable.

    Do not panic when you are having guests over and you feel short of time and energy.  Healthy food catering services are also available for private parties, corporate parties, birthdays, weddings, baby showers and any kind of get together by C & G CateringFresh meals alone are served regardless of the occasion.  Contact us and we can work out a custom menu for you or your family.

    Meals to your door any time! View our Dinners to go Menu here.

    Posted On 03/08/2014 by maya cat

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