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  • Posted On 02/05/2013bymaya cat

    As you know lunch boxes can be a bad experience for kids and as mothers will be frustrated and discourage when lunch make it back with all food still inside.  Always try to pack them small portions, and healthy easy eating food and change it every days so they do not get tired. Invite kids to help you pack healthy snacks, encourage them to drink plain water instead of soda or artificial juices.  What about fruit or veggies? If they do not eat them do not give up, try again on a later date adding a healthy homemade dipping sauce.

    Test sandwiches with hummus spread or honey mustard instead mayo, cut sandwiches in special shapes using cookie cutters.  Prepare the night before, so it is one less thing to do early morning.

    Posted On 02/05/2013 by maya cat

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